Woodland information night is March 4

Benton County's small woodlands association will host this year's Woodlands Information Night. The event is free and will be held at the Benton County Library meeting room.Hear from knowledgeable speakers and visit with other land owners at this annual event. Topics this year include  GIS Tools Available to Woodland owners by county services, Doug Sackinger-Benton County Public Services; Species Selection in a Changing Climate, Glenn Ahrens -OSU Extension, Clackamas County; Drones in Forestry- uses, types, regulations and more, Cory G. Garms, OSU College of Forestry, Aerial Information Systems Lab; Log Report, Van Decker, Timber owner and Key Man at B & G Logging.  Linn County Small Woodlands Association and Benton County co-host the event every other year.

Date: Wednesday, March 4th
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: Benton County Library, meeting room
Questions contact Pat Boren

Pine group surveying ponderosas

The Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine Conservation Association is working to quantify how many acres, the ages, and the location of ponderosa pine plantations in the Willamette Valley.
Mike Barsotti, executive director of the group, said this information is valuable for two reasons; it will help answer the questions: 1.) What is the future log supply? and 2.) Growth and yield tables need to be developed for ponderosa pine in the Willamette Valley and the location of stands of various ages on different soil types are needed to be measured to establish growth tables.
This information will complement the work of an Oregon State University grad student who used imagery and GIS technology to locate and quantify pine plantations in the Willamette Valley.
If you have or know of pine plantations in Willamette Valley, it would be very helpful if you would complete this online form (click the form link) or send by email the location, acres, and approx. age of the pine stand to

TFOY list expanded; nominees sought

Joe Holmberg has combed his records — adding to list of past outstanding tree farmers in Linn County. Holmberg, who heads up the annual TFOY selection for the Linn County Small Woodlands Assoc., is now taking nominations for the 2020 outstanding tree farmer. The topic will be among the agenda items expected to come up Thursday, March 5 at the board of directors next regularly scheduled meeting.
Here is the list supplied by Holmberg.

Linn County Outstanding Tree Farmer
2019Kathy and Tim Otis 2018 Sherm Weld 2017Ivan and Rebecca Wolthius 2016Joe and Shirley Holmberg 2015Dave and Karen Bateman 2014Linda Butts 2013Rod and Ann Bardell 2012Ed and Jim Merzenich and Karen Wilson 2011Henry and Mollie Wolthius 2010Dale and Shirley Crocker 2009Fun Forest (Cota and Melcher families) 2008 — 2007     Neal Bell  2006    Don and Carol Cree  2005    Lon and Laura Rankin  2004   Aaron and Shawna White 2003   Alvin Sorseth 2002   Jim and Mary MacPherson
2001   Bentz Family

Thank you patrons; see you Saturday

Success has followed the LCSWA seedling sale into 2020, with pre-orders being filled Friday afternoon with volunteers from 4-H and the membership. “It went well. Not too many surprises,” said Bonnie Marshall, chair of the seedling sale. Pre-orders reached 201, up from 142 last year.  Already, a number of species have been sold out. Coast redwood, Nordmann fir, ocean spray, quaking aspen, red alder red-flowering currant and sugar maples. Patrons will be refunded money when orders are picked up Saturday, said Marshall. Look for more updates on the sale during the weekend. The local Woods Fair on Saturday morning will feature about 20 information booths. Products from the forest are available for purchase. The sale is located in the Santiam Building at the Linn County Fair. Doors open Saturday at 8 a.m. The sale will continue until noon or until  products are sold out.
The LCSWA  raises money through the sale for scholarships to both 4-H students involved in forestry and to Oregon State Universi…

Getting hands dirty is part of the day

Jonathan Leever, 17, of Lebanon has been active in the seedling sale for nearly a decade. He recounts some of the highlights as he cast his eyes forward toward his future goals.

"This is my ninth year doing the seedling sale. It is always loads of fun; friends, dirty hands and the smell of trees is quite enjoyable. It has been my favorite part of 4-H, to come and volunteer. "Sadly this is probably my last year doing the sale, as I am going to college next year. My hope is to go to Moody Aviation in Spokane, Washington and study Mission Aviation to be a pilot/mechanic on the mission field. 4-H has been a vital part of my education, and has taught me to love the outdoors and to lead and serve well."

4-H helpers learning about seedlings

Elizabeth Kinkade, 14, a 4-Her from Albany counted seedlings and packed orders in saw dust Friday afternoon. Here is her comments about the sale and  Friday afternoon.

"I really enjoy helping out at the sale. Filling orders, counting seedlings and wrapping them is a lot of fun. One of the best parts of it to me is meeting and helping new people and also seeing people I saw last year that I had enjoyed working with. It also helps me in 4-H by being able to identify some of the plants as seedlings. I have been helping out at the seedling sale for 4 or 5 years now and would like keep doing it for years to come."

'Staggering' number of small trees at the sale

Andrew Leever, 14, of Lebanon, is a 10-year veteran of the seedling sale. Here is his take on the day before the sale. Volunteers are filling pre-orders all afternoon. 

"The amount trees are staggering! Over thousands, upon thousands of young saplings! I have been a part of the tree seedling sale since 2010. It’s been fun, exiting, breathtaking and a great learning experience! Not only the amount of trees but the organization is incredible! I have learned so much from participating in the tree seedling sale. I love all the jobs and the conversation with good friends!"