14 4Hers earn Linn scholarships

By Fay Sallee
The 4-H members this year entered their record books at the Linn County Fair record book contest. They all did very well and qualified for our Linn County Small Woodlands Assoc. chapter awards. This year 14 members applied for $1,600 in scholarships. The candidates were: Jonathan Leever, Andrew Leever, Leeland Prock, Alister Prock, Emily Kinkade, Ryan Henry, Haley Tye, Conner Tye, Kaden Holt, Katie Fortner, Tristan Prock, Elizabeth Kinkade, Gabriel Bradford and Andrew Bradford. Scholarship amounts will be announced at the Jan 18 LCSWA annual meeting.  Their interviews were held on Nov. 20. Our interviewers, Mary and Bob Brendle, Larry and Nancy Mauter did a great job. They were impressed at what the members have been doing in the 4-H Forestry project. They worked hard to come up with the following awards: 1 Gold +, 5 Gold, 3 Silver +, 3 Silver, and 2 Green. 
Chapter members will get a chance to meet some of the 4-Hers  at the potluck supper annual meeting. They will present a …

OSWA 2020 annual meeting July 23-25

Oregon Small Woodlands Association has set its annual meeting for 2020 on July 23, 24 and 25th. Lane County will again host the event slated for the Holiday Inn Express in Springfield. The chapter also hosted the 2018 meeting. Benton County hosted the 2019 annual meeting. The three-day event will include a tree farm tour, mill tours, workshops, seminars and an awards dinner. Linn County Small Woodlands Assoc. member Mike Barsotti is president of the statewide group. The annual meeting includes sale of OSWA-logo clothing and other gear. The LCSWA operates the clothing sale and receives a portion of the profits.
Post cards announcing the event have recently arrived in the mail of LCSWA members.

Directors meeting set for Thursday, Dec. 5

Directors of the Linn County Small Woodlands Assoc. will meet Thursday Dec. 5 in Tangent. Brad Withrow-Robinson, Oregon State Extension Service liaison, is hosting the meeting from 7-9 p.m. Board President Lee Peterman’s agenda for the meeting includes reports on the upcoming 25th annual seedling sale. Also on the agenda will be an update on the Robert Mealey Pine Fund project. Members of the LCSWA are welcome to attend board meetings.
The OSU Extension office is located just north of Hwy 34 at 33630 McFarland Road.

Hibbs-Karr tour focuses on wildlife habitat

Hibbs-Karr tour shows steps toward improving forests for wildlife

By Lee Peterman
Linn County Small Woodlands Assoc. president

When asked what they want of their forests, many family landowners list things like improving their forest’s health,  increasing wildlife and resistance to wildfire.   Many young forests, however, suffer from “production-plantation” style of reforestation. As a result, they are too uniform and dense for those benefits. Steps needed to create a more diverse and healthy forest can be expensive.   The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) has rolled out new cost-share funds to help landowners improve the conservation value of conifer forests in western Oregon.  
On the cool and damp morning of Oct 19, a hardy group of about 25 individuals in rain gear and mud-boots assembled in the parking lot of the ODFW* field office in Adair Village.  OSU Extension Agent Brad Withrow-Robinson took the roll and then herded the participants into a caravan car-pool and through i…

Oops and apologies to readers of the Bark

Just received my copy of the Bark for October, 2019. The story announcing the date for the Linn County annual membership is incorrect.
My fault.
The annual meeting is Saturday Jan. 18. Doors will open at the Z Hall in Scio.
Thanks for your understanding. We'll try to do better next time/ Larry Mauter

Tree farmers honored Oct. 26 in Silverton

The Shiver River Tree farm was the focus of a nice feature published Oct. 3 in the Albany Democrat Herald. The Benton County tree farmers were selected as tree famers of the year. They will compete for state honors during a recognition luncheon Saturday Oct. 26 at the Oregon Garden in Silverton. In Linn County, Tim and Kathy Otis and their family were selected as tree farmers of the year. They will also be among the honorees. Joe Holmberg, tree farmer of the year coordinator for the Linn County Small Woodlands Association has compiled a list of past recipients of the honor for this chapter. He is still looking into past records to expand this list. If you can help, contact Holmberg at
2019Kathy and Tim Otis 2018 Sherm and Leslie Weld 2017Ivan and Rebecca Wolthius 2016Joe and Shirley Holmberg 2015Dave and Karen Bateman 2014Linda Butts 2013Rod and Ann Bardell 2012Ed and Jim Merzenich and Karen Wilson 2011Henry and Mollie Wolthius 2010Dale and Shirley Crocker 2009Fun Forest (Melc…